You get the ability to jump to different timelines but there’s a catch. Which catch do you pick?



Timeline Ability 1: You permanently die in the previous timeline. Fortunately, it is entirely painless. When you enter the other timeline, you are living a different you. This means that you cannot go back to a previous timeline.

Timeline Ability 2: Each time you jump to a different timeline, there’s a 10% chance that the jump glitches and you get teleported to a random timeline instead. It takes only 1 minute for your ability to fix itself so try to survive until then.

Timeline Ability 3: Everyone except you permanently dies in the previous timeline. It’s still painless but once you return to a previous timeline, everything is abandoned.

Timeline Ability 4: There are timeline cops that monitor your ability constantly. If you break the law in a different timeline (e.g., stole an advanced technology from an advanced timeline) you get frozen in time for a set duration. You are aware and alive during your frozen state. They’re kind enough to brief you of the different laws of the timeline you want to jump to before you actually get to teleport to the other timeline.

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