You die. You open your eyes and you find your self in an empty room with 3 doors. Choose one door and find out what's inside. Which one?

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Black door: You open the door and see and empty room with a candle in the middle. You go towards it and the door slams behind you with force. You sit down worrying what's gonna happen next. You start hearing the voices of the ones you haven't helped and needed it. After half an hour the candle suddently dissapears to thin air. You spend all eternity in that empty roomhearing these voices.

Blue door: You open the door and see a big room with swimming pool. You get in and door suddently slaps behind you with force. After a few hours you decide to swim in the water. You start hearing voices like airport notices. Flight 453 leaves in 5 minutes. It doesn't stop and is loud. You suddently find yourself on raft in the middle of a calm sea. You spend all eternity hearing these voices and wandering an endless sea.

Red door: You open the door and see a red room. You go inside and door slaps behind you with force unexpectedly. The room is very cold you're freezing. You find a very big tank full of water that boiling. You drink some. You start hearing voices. It's your voice. It's you in times of your life when you spoke with anger. They are swiveling in your brain. You are freezing so you have to get into the tank. Your skin burns. When you get out you hear the angry voices of others in your life. This cycle happens for eternity.

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