you die and are reincarnated. what new life do you pick.l?

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Life 1. Youre born in a poor part of LA, California. It doesent matter to you. Your happy, and get along well with others, even if you are a little mischievous, and commit a few crimes. You get a scholarship at a good college for football, You stay with your friends until the end. Born 1981

Life 2. Youre born as the son of a wealthy African dictator. You live alone with your dad until he is assassinated. You inherit his money, and live alone, never knowing what a true normal family was like. Born 1970

Life 3. You're born in a very, very rural town in Montana. Your mom, cheated on your dad and left. Your dad was saddened by this, but still had you. You spent lots of time in the wilderness together, building forts and tree houses, hiking, fishing, all sorts of stuff. Your shared dreams are to explore the world. Your bond is like no other. Born 1949

Life 4. You are born in London, and live a "normal" life. You go to college to study law, and eventually, become prime minister. You are powerful. Born 1965

Life 5. You are born in a wealthy town in Japan. You live a happy life, until you are drafted to help fight a future war against the Chinese and Russian government. You take huge injury, but recover through new technology, a "cyborg", and come back home a hero. The war Is won with many allies. You don't know what the future holds. Born 2043

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