You are a witness to this (read subtext) Who is to blame?



You are walking on the sidewalk. You see a little girl, maybe like 5, frantically running towards you from a pit bull which is 10 metres away from the girl, with a dangling leash around its neck. Before you can analyse the situation, a built man, who was walking ahead of you reacts. He lifts up the girl and kicks the pit bull. From your angle you couldn't tell whether the pit was going to attack the man or the girl. All you could tell was that the pit had reached really close to them. The dog falls onto the road and is hit by a speeding vehicle. The dog's owner comes running at the scene, followed by the girl's parents. Both parties are horrified and crying.

Miraculously, the dog survives but with a permanent injury. Maybe because the driver jammed the brakes at the right moment. But in the heat of the moment, you didn't realise whether the driver was speeding over the limit or not.

You tell the officer that you don't know the context - what caused the chase, where were the girl's parents or the pit's owner at the moment. Did the girl actually do something to the pit. But the officer is himself/herself not sure how to deal with the situation exactly. You being the sole witness, he/she is kinda banking on you on this one, and asks "Even if not 100% sure, who do you think was at fault?" After listening to your answer, the officer leaves with an expression that tells you whomsoever you named is going to land in trouble.

Later you realise that you could have exercised your right to remain silent but the officer seemed like the sort who would put the blame on someone just to have a solved case in his record.

Who would you name?

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