Which one of these powers would you want?

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Teleportation: You and any objects currently touching your (living) skin can choose to teleport. Teleportation does not cost any energy and the distance traveled does not matter. You will always be facing the same way you were facing relative to gravity and your velocity will be reset to 0 upon teleportation. You cannot teleport inside solid objects.

Telekinesis: Any object of any size and mass that you can see can be moved at any velocity you wish. Telekinesis will not consume any energy. In order to move an object, you need to have direct eye contact (you can move objects through glass but not through deep water).

Immortality: You cannot be physically harmed in any way and you will never have any diseases. If you get bored of existance, you may choose to die of your own will. You can choose to stop aging at any time, you cannot get younger. Basic needs like air, food, drink and sleep still apply, though you won't die if you lack them.

Mind reading: You may choose to recognise other individuals' thoughts as if they were your own. You can read the thoughts of any amount of people or animals that you wish at a time. You may also focus on one part of their thinking (desires, secrets, etc.). The distance of this ability is a 1km radius around you.

Healing: You can completely heal any physical and mental diseases/traumas/scars (this includes lost limbs) of any individual of any species (this includes you). In order to do so, you must have some basic information about the person/animal (name, face, etc.). This process does not consume any energy and does not affect aging.

Time travel: You may choose to move backwards or forward in time whenever you want. You will still be in the same position as you are in the present, if you would be in the air or underground, you will manifest on ground level. Any objects that you are touching and wish to keep will travel in time with you. If you choose to go back to the present, everything will remain the same (except for your age). You still age when time traveling. If you die while you are using this ability, you will go back to the present.

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I will choose time travel power bro

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