Which of these political parties would you vote for if they were in your country?




The Fourteeners Party​

Our manifesto is simple: we believe in balance and harmony in the world. We will work to help foster a society that values individual rights and encourages mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation. We will promote progressive policies that provide more equitable access to education, healthcare, housing, and economic opportunities.

The Truth Seekers Party​

Our mission is to promote a culture of truth-seeking and knowledge-seeking in politics. We will work to reduce the influence of special interests and to promote policies that foster public education and independent media. We also seek to make it easier for citizens to access information about government decisions and policies so that they can be informed and make well-informed decisions.

The IndependentThought Party​

Our goal is to create a society that values independent thinking and does not succumb to groupthink. We will promote policies that foster open and honest debates, dialogue, and conversations both inside and outside of the political sphere. We will also combat a culture of censorship and encourage citizens to seek out and spread accurate information.

The Right Path Party​

Our mission is to promote a culture of tolerance, understanding, and inclusivity in the political arena. We will work to ensure the protection of minority rights and protections, and ensure that all voices are represented fairly in government decisions. We also seek to foster a culture of education and knowledge-seeking that allows for informed decisions.

The Rainbow Party​

Our manifesto is to promote a culture of acceptance, respect, and understanding around gender, sexuality, race, ability, and other forms of diversity. We will work to protect minority rights and to ensure that all voices are heard and respected in a politically-active society. We also seek to create policies that foster a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

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I could vote for any of these parties. I don't see much disagreement between them.