Which is better for losing weight: diet or exercise?

Which is better for losing weight: diet or exercise?

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Alexander Wolf

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Which is better for losing weight: diet or exercise?


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I would say that running helps you lose weight/ keeps you from gaining weight.

Without diet and other lifestyle changes, the sport alone is not a silver bullet. Find research on the behaviors/actions of people who have successfully lost or maintained their desired weight over the long term (2+ years). As I recall, people who support a low/healthy weight tend to exercise regularly, but (aerobic) exercise alone is not the cause of significant weight loss.

I know that when I started running more seriously and set myself a moderately challenging running goal, I had to change my diet, add energy promoted supplement, alcohol consumption, and sleep habits to achieve my goal. The positive results translated into the proper cycle.

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Entirely depends on what you want to do. If weight loss is your goal, you can make a MUCH MUCH bigger difference with a change in diet than you can with exercise, and that's just math.

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I agree with you completely! A healthy diet and exercise regimen make your body and health fit!


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When it comes to losing weight, diet and exercise are both important factors. A fitness trainer center can help you determine which is the best option for your individual needs. Exercise helps build muscle mass while burning calories and fat, while a healthy diet plan will provide essential nutrients that support an active lifestyle. Both of these methods should be combined in order to achieve optimal results when trying to lose weight.