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You have angered a god and must choose to receive one of the following curses:

Curse of Arthropods:

You constantly feel like bugs are crawling underneath your skin. The only way to make the feeling go away is to eat live arthropods. Several grams every few days is enough.

Curse of the Watcher:

You hallucinate a dark silhouette that follows you wherever you go, always in the corner of your eye. You also hear footsteps when it moves and feel mild paranoia at all times. The figure disappears whenever you are being intently watched by another person.

Curse of Frenzy:

Getting within 15 meters of any animal that is larger than a mouse will send it into a rage, causing it to aggressively attack you. Humans are an exception, they will not be affected.

Curse of Disaster:

Spending time with anyone you like or care about will cause them to experience a series of misfortune events. "Spending time with" also includes text exchanges, online gaming, phone calls etc.

Curse of the Hunter:

Every 60 days, a humanoid creature will spawn 15 kilometers away from your location. It has equal strength and intellect to an average human male. This hunter will attempt to kill you at all costs. It cannot use tools but does learn from past failures. Killing it grants you 10K USD. The hunter cannot be seen by cameras or other people. It disappears after 24 hours of initial spawn. You are notified on the day of the hunt.

Curse of Curses:

Greed will be your downfall. Get all the other curses and receive 5 million USD.

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