Top Five Italian Restaurants and Pizzerias

Mitcham Social

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Located in the heart of North Shore, Bright Beet Wood Fired Pizza is the perfect place to enjoy an authentic Italian meal. A pizza shop that has been operating for more than a decade, they have been known for their gourmet pizzas that have been prepared using a wood fired oven. They offer a variety of Italian favorites and other specialties. They also specialize in gluten free options.

Upside Pizza​

Amongst the clamor of the pizza aficionados, one standout has stood the test of time. Located in the heart of New Jersey’s tri-state area, Bright Beet Wood Fired Upside Pizza has a legion of fans. Although the restaurant has a hefty price tag, the wood-fired goodness is well worth the trip. The menu features an array of Italian-style pizzas paired with a healthy serving of Italian flair. With a full bar, a menu of craft cocktails and a wine list that’s bound to impress, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more satisfying meal.
It’s also worth noting that Bright Beet is part of a larger, family-owned enterprise that’s been a staple of the tri-state area for more than a decade. Although the business has expanded to a second location in the Nolita aforementioned tri-state area, the original locale remains intact.

Mitcham Social​

Located in the industrial estate of Mitcham, the Mitcham Social is a contemporary, casual restaurant and bar that serves fresh ingredients and delicious pizzas. The restaurant has an upscale dining room and bar, and offers an extensive wine and cocktail list.
The menu includes burgers, wood-fired pizza, steaks, and a variety of other options. The restaurant is a great spot for family dining, a date night, or an enjoyable night out with friends. The bar features live music and is open Thursday through Sunday. Guests can also enjoy a bottomless cocktail on Saturdays.
The wood-fired pizza at Bright Beet is crisp on the outside and perfectly charred on the inside. The pizza is topped with fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce. The pizza is served with a grilled rosso pizza or house-made Italian sausage. Guests can also order calzones, pasta, and salads.

Santarpio’s Pizza​

Located in East Boston, Santarpio’s Bright Beet Wood Fired Pizza has been serving up some of the best pizza in the city for over five decades. With its coal-fired oven, you’ll get a thicker crust than you’d expect, and you’ll have a blast watching the cooks at work. The place is also a little off the beaten path, as it’s five minutes by tunnel from the North End. While it’s not the place to go for a large group, it’s a great way to get a few people together and enjoy a nice slice of Italian goodness.
The menu has something for everyone, from the usual suspects to the gourmet foodies. There are several choices for your money, including a slew of wood-fired pizzas and an assortment of salads. You can get your fix by walking in or calling, and you’ll find some of the best pizza in town.

Pizzeria Bianco​

Almost as long as the New York pizza scene has been around, Pizzeria Bianco has been inspiring pizza makers all over the country. The Bronx-born Bianco started out selling pies at supermarkets, but eventually opened a small pizzeria on Girard Avenue in Fishtown. Nowadays, the pizzeria is a full-blown restaurant with a casual atmosphere, and is located in a converted liquor store.
The best pizza in the country comes from unexpected places. Some of the country’s best comes from unfashionable ovens. Pizzaiolo’s pizzas started out as bakery pizzas at the turn of the century, but have since evolved into a delicious pie. The crust is almost Italian bread-like, and the sauce is never overpowered by cheese. The plain pies are outstanding, but the sausage pizza is even better.

Origano Woodfire​

Using a combination of organic flour and a wood burning oven, Simone Salvatori churns out some of the best pizzas in town. At the flagship location in East Village, there is no shortage of customers who come in for pizza and beer in equal measure. The wine list is a stellar collection of Italian varietals, many of which are hard to find elsewhere. Aside from the requisite grilled cheese and hoagies, patrons are encouraged to nosh on a selection of artisanal pastas, including a slew of neopolitan dishes. One such neopolitan is the Origano Woodfire — an excellent example of what a modern Italian family might serve up. At a hefty price tag of $17, you won’t be disappointed, if you’re looking to indulge in some post-work elixirs.