Time is frozen, you are popped into Putin’s bedroom while he is sleeping and given a pistol with one bullet, what do you do?

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You can’t leave the bedroom. Time is frozen until the bullet is fired. Once it is fired you are immediately teleported back to wherever and whatever you were doing before and nobody will ever know except you.

Edit: since time is frozen, so is your aging. You have forever to think about what to do

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Why shoot Putin? You don't know him. All you know about him is what the media tells you about him. You also cannot predict if he has a higher purpose, either. There are certainly greater evils than Putin.

For the average person, Putin is not a person or a reality. He's a character created by government propaganda. For some reason, Westerners don't consider our media propaganda. It certainly looks like it is. It feels like it is. It acts like it is. I know they cover the truth. I've had friends die in horrible ways and this was ignored by media because of intense government corruption.

People don't believe Western governments systematically rape and murder their own citizens because our propaganda, corporate-industrial, foreign owned media covers up their sins to such a large extent the common person is neither concerned or believes it.

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