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Forum Rules updated as of November 18, 2022.

Be respectful
  • If your post is advocating for serious hate speech, racism, or other intolerant attitudes against minorities and the LGBTQ community, it will be deleted. You may also be banned if you post something especially disrespectful or hateful
  • Ideas and opinions may be challenged, but no personal attacks on any members or make inflammatory comments against them
  • No harassment of forum members in any way (email, private messages, posts, etc.)
  • Do not take matters into your own hands; if someone attacks you, report the post and walk away from it. Retaliation will also result in an infraction.
  • No "alternate" personalities. No more than one username per member
  • Any "trolls" (those posting just to get a rise or cause trouble AND not posting on-topic material) will be banned without question
  • Although it's not likely to happen, our moderators may remove ex
  • ceptionally creepy posts or polls.
Do not post NSFW content:
  • Do not post any adult nudity, sexual content, or inappropriate media - including humour that is deemed inappropriate
  • Please do not post any NSFW polls or comments.
  • Visit our NSFW forum to keep updated on where we've allowed them in the future.
Guidelines for Quality Posts:
  • When you're writing polls on your blog, the question should be in the title. You can also elaborate on it in the post body.
  • When posting a question, it’s best to ask a fairly ambiguous "what" or "how," as opposed to a loaded question that is too specific in nature.There's nothing exciting or interesting about asking readers a specific question, and if people aren't truly interested in it, they'll just ignore it. For that reason, you shouldn't submit polls that push an agenda
  • Please make the question as clear and concise as possible.
  • Do not post loaded or suggestive questionsDo not include loaded answers or biased ones in your questionnaire
  • Keep the discussion respectful and constructive, and your poll will remain on the site.
No Commercial Postings:
  • No solicitation of any business or commercial websites are allowed, unless authorized and sponsoring vendors. No exceptions! For sponsorship inquiries, contact us here.
Everyone (including Guests, Registered Users, Moderators & Official Vendors) must obey the above rules unless mentioned otherwise.

Guidelines subject to change without notice.

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