My gf of 4 months is extremely addicted to Instagram, what should I do? Please read description for info

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My gf (24) is extremely addicted to Instagram, she has 8k followers and believes herself to be a celebrity with “fans” that “will miss me” if she doesn’t post. She posts everything we do and had an Instagram live stream for our 3 month anniversary.

I mostly use Reddit and only go on Instagram about 3 times a week to check up on all the post of people I follow. But despite her knowing this, she will get very upset at me when I don’t comment or like her posts less than an hour after they come out.

The event that made me do this poll was yesterday when we were at an ice cream parlor, there was no seats at the bar so we sat in a booth. We got a hot fudge sundae to split and when it was ready I walked up to the counter and got it. On the way back, I took a bite and apon seeing this she got pissed becuase now it was not prestine for her instagram picture. She was very upset and I ended up buying another 20 dollar hot fudge sundae just so she could take a picture of it. This was not great for me becuase I am not rich and do not have disposible income to buy ice cream just to take pictures of. She was upset for the rest of the day and claims it was my fault.

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