I want to decorate my mom's room


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I want to decorate my mom's room beautifully for her birthday. Since her room is already old and not pretty. And I want her to feel comfortable there and live without problems. So I turn to all the forums and ask many people for their opinion on what element I should start decorating her room. What can you advise me?


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This is a great idea and a good gift! I might advise you to start furnishing with blinds. If interested, I ordered Sonata Design blinds in Vancouver https://sonatadesign.ca/vancouver-blinds/. It's a good store. You can use blinds of certain materials for different rooms. In the kitchen, aluminum blinds or plastic blinds are better, provided that the latter are not located near the stove. Wooden constructions look chic in living rooms and fabric ones in bedrooms. If you have a window in a wet room, such as a bathroom or shower, use water-resistant plastic models.


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I also think you should try the blinds first. It's a good option that your mom will like.