How do you usually write/type one thousand outside a formal context?

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I mean, do you use the comma separator when you write one thousand while talking on Reddit, WhatsApp, etc. or writing the number on paper?


I'm still learning about how Europeans handle numbers, so here are the extra cases:

  1. If you write 1 000, choose the second option. Space counts as a separator.

  2. If it's extremely unlikely for you to write any of them and you usually write 1K, choose Results.

  3. If you use 1'000, choose the second option because you're still using a separator.

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Usually, I write 1000 without a space between the numbers or the words "one thousand". Writing is something I have some doubts about. Is it possible to contact you on GBWhatsapp if I have questions? It would be much appreciated if you could do this for me.