A genie offers you a deal. If you accept, you will appear in a random place in the world, somewhere on land. If you manage to dial 1-800-TELEPORT into



-----------------------Do you accept?-----------------------

The genie offers two versions of the deal- a safe version, and a risky version.

In the safe version, you will start with a map of the 100x100 km^2 area around you. There is a red triangle on the map, which shows which way you are facing, and where you are. You are also given a heavy jacket, sunscreen, two full plastic water bottles, three granola bars, tough hiking boots, and an empty backpack. You also get the clothes that you are wearing while reading this.

The reward for the safer deal is $5 million USD-- more than enough to live a comfortable upper-middle class lifestyle until the day you die.

In the risky version, you are given no map and no jacket. You appear with a half-sized plastic water bottle, a pair of cheap sneakers, the clothes that you are wearing right now, and nothing else.

The reward for the riskier deal is $10 billion USD-- you could save hundreds of thousands of lives by donating several billion dollars to charity, and still have more money than you could ever concievably spend in three consecutive lifetimes.

The money appears in your bank account, tax-free, and the genie uses magic to stop anyone from questioning why and how such a large fortune appeared out of thin air. If you don't have a bank account, the genie makes one for you.

------------------------Do you succeed?------------------------

Get a random location here: https://www.random.org/geographic-coordinates/

If the location is underwater, keep generating a new one until it's on land. After you get your spot, click "show with google maps satellite view" to judge whether you can pass the challenge.

Consider things like the temperature, how far the closest settlement is, whether they would speak English there, whether there are any roads to follow, etc.

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